The Winds of Change

A Good Day To You, All!

I know. It’s been a while (I know. Understatement of the decade.). Hope, you’re all doing well. I know we are. There’s a lot to fill you in on our happenings. So, here we go!

Studio Space Acquired! That’s right, we got ourselves a studio. And we’re going to be moving in, sometime this fall.  So, look forward to an update on that.

With new studio space, comes new responsibilities (and content). We will be bringing you NEW CONTENT.  Once again, for the people in the back.  NEW CONTENT.  We have new shows lined up and ready to start filming.  And for those that wanted to get in on the action, we are READY to get that ball rolling. You can reach out to us through the regular channels.

Not gonna lie, we’re still trying to get one of the shows off the ground and looking for a location to film.  But, that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Current events time! We are in the process of creating a web docu-series with a historic landmark in Grafton, Ohio.  So, that’s going to be epic.  Do people still say that?  Epic?
Look for more information on that – and a Kickstarter Campaign.

We (Jordan and I) will be at Con on the Cob, this year; as we do EVERY year (10/6-10/09). But, this time, we’re going to be hosting a Trivia Gameshow (I know, we did that last year). Which, will be filmed and put on YouTube.  I really think you might want to come out and have fun with us.  You might like it.  More to come on that.

We bought a dating site and converted it into something that people like us can use – and there will be a presence from them at Con on the Cob, as well.  Like, they will be hosting a Dating Gameshow.  The Nerd Dating Connection, by For The Love Of Nerds (dot com).  Oh, it’s happening.

Let’s see, what else, can I get into with you?  OH! Yeah! We still need more shows to join the network (or when I type too fast, I end up typing “newt work” – and sometimes “newt wrok”.  Don’t judge me).

By new shows, I don’t mean only podcasts, anymore (Yeah, we sill want those, though).  We are looking for more.  We want shows of all kinds.  Video Based, Audio Based, etc.  Even shows that are like late night talkshow based, or even Larry King style shows.  We want it all!  If you have ideas to bring to the table, PLEASE – by all means, reach out.

We’ve added another staff member to the network. Jordan, our Media Manager (yes, I plan on updating the network staff page.), is responsible for bringing on new shows and entertainment to the network. This will come in handy since we’re going to be bringing on an INTERNET RADIO STATION to the network. Oh yes. An internet radio station. And we’re going to need new local and independent artists to showcase. That’s right, we want independent and local bands – no matter WHAT genre. We want it. #ClevelandBlitz #coming soon.

Lastly, we wanted you to know that the podcast will also be resuming after our FOUR YEAR hiatus.  Yes. It’s been FOUR (4) years.  And we will be returning.  BUT, as promised before, we’re changing it up, some.  And quite frankly, you’re going to love it.