The Historic Grafton School


Well, at least, we will have a new home, soon.

Yep, we will be moving to The Historic Grafton School: Art and Culture Center once we’ve been approved for us to move in.

We have our studio space already reserved. We are waiting for the go-ahead to clean it out and make it our own. It’s a cool space…. for an old classroom, lol. Look forward to pictures and video of the set up of our studio. Oh, yes, we will be filming and taking pictures of our progress.

Not gonna lie, this place is the coolest.  Think about this for a second.  This was an abandoned school for quite some time, and now, it’s becoming an Art and Culture center – complete with empty classrooms that are being turned into artisan studios.  The gym is turning into an event center, community theater, and cool location for MANY amazing things.

Another cool thing that’s happening is that we are officially taking over as event planners and coordinators for this facility. We will be happily creating, coordinating, planning, and helping to put these future events for the Historic Grafton School: Art and Culture Center – in motion.
Consequently, if you have an idea for an event that you’d like to see or be a part of, hit us up.

Finally, stay tuned for an upcoming list of events as well as pictures and video of our studio progress.