Who We Are.

The Tangent-Bound Media Network is one of the fastest growing indie podcast networks. With resources for podcasters to get their show started, maintain their existing show, and help each other grow through cross-promotion over a multinational network, it’s the place for all your media needs.

What We Do.

First and foremost, the Tangent-Bound Media Network is THE hub for quality entertainment! We are home to a diverse group of content creators covering such topics as current events, horror, pop culture, sports, sci-fi and much, much more.

Equally important, the Tangent-Bound Media Network provides knowledge, experience and innovation, drawing on the combined talents and imagination of an ever-growing team of dedicated podcasters.

Why We Do it.

Our reasons are the same as yours — a love for the content we provide and the fun the podcast medium provides. The Tangent-Bound Media Network does not profit from or dictate your content. Beyond promotion of the Network, we ask nothing but your commitment to provide quality entertainment on a regular basis. You’re going to do that anyway, so why not take advantage of a free tool to help your show grow?