Cobwebs, dust, and echos

Opening the doors for the first time in a  long time, I look around to see all the dust and cobwebs.

“Hello?” I asked, listening to the empty echo returning my inquiry.

I walk past the counter where all the old episodes are still resting.  Peering into the dusty display case, I see the dates of past episodes and announcements.

“It sure has been a while….” I said to myself – still startled by the empty echo.

I stood in the middle of the studio looking around at the memories of days gone by and prior episodes, events and blog posts.

Clapping my hands together, I said excitedly, “Whelp, let’s get started!  Time to clean up and start the machine back up!”

Yep! That’s right.  We’re starting everything back up! Well, it’s not like it was ever stopped, but, we’re finally making the changes we’d mentioned a long time ago – in a galaxy far, far away!

Keep an eye out for the new changes, in the near future! This is going to be epic and we’re following through with a promise made years ago.
Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, Check us out at Con on the Cob ( on 10/06 – 10/09!  As always, we will have our booth area doing live streams on Facebook, as well as having some cool guests throughout the weekend! Come on out, or check us out on FB Live!