Mark – Network Manager & Talent Monkey:

MarkMark, started the Tangent-Bound Podcast, now the network flagship show, in late 2012. One year later, he started the network in an effort to help others get started in podcasting – in the best way possible… for free. Since then, he’s been promoting shows on the network, along with other partner networks to help them grow and succeed. Mark has made it his goal to help everyone get started and gain the momentum they need for success.

Jim – Network Sidekick & Tech Monkey:

JimJim Came to the network in October of 2013 as the new co-host for the network flagship show, The Tangent-Bound Podcast, because Mark promised Fame, Fortune and Eternal Glory. For the record: Jim is still waiting for the “Fortune”. Having no experience in Podcasting wasn’t an issue as incongruous rambling speech has never been a problem for Jim; that, and he was voted “Most Likely to have his own talk show” by his Senior High School class.

Packie -Network Admin & Administrative Monkey:

PackieIn 2014, one lonely nerd decided he wanted his voice to be set to track and pushed out to the masses, delivering nerdly news, updates, and reviews…but he didn’t know how. Until a man named Mark offered up a solution – a Podcast. With the help of the one named Mark, Packie set forth on what would become one of the defining points of his future career. The 8-Bit Packiecast was born! Upon is inception, Mark bumped Packie up to Admin status on the Tangent-Bound Network and bestowed such duties as forum moderation, general site assistance, or even being a source for which to bounce off ideas. Upon lighting this spark, Packie needed more… Meeting Zach from the BLodPods Network birthed Down the Bunny Hole and later on, Delayed Effect. Now a host of 3 different shows (of varying release times), Packie has discovered a passion like none other.

In 2015, Packie found his love for what would become a career in Audio Engineering. A relocation to Seattle later and this dream would come to fruition. Now, Packie currently resides within the Emerald City, following his dreams and contributing towards the TBN whenever he can, because hey, everyone needs a home on the internet and he’s couldn’t be happier to hang his virtual hat at the Tangent-Bound Network.

Lindsay – Con Correspondent & Cosplayer

LindsayLindsay is a northern Ohio writer and cosplayer who goes by the name Sheikahchica. She’s been costuming and attending conventions since 2009 as well as reviewing and writing about them since 2012. To date, she’s put together over 60 costumes, including variations. One of the biggest joys in her life is giving back through costuming, especially her volunteer work through groups like the Rebel Legion, Heroes Alliance and Ghostbusters, Inc. She also volunteers at the historic Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio and travels all over to conduct paranormal investigations. Outside of cosplay and writing, she has been a life-long video game and comic book fan.