Mark Needs Our Help!

Yup. That’s right. Mark needs our help.

Mark is working on something huge.  For people who want to to add quality to their podcasts, and voice over work.  He’s trying to raise $3,000 to create working prototypes of some amazing studio quality microphones.  Whether you’re a VO Artist, a Podcaster, or a Home Studio Enthusiast, you’re going to want to check this out.

Mark’s working with an electronics manufacturer to create working prototypes in an effort to create his own line-up of mics for your pro-audio needs.

Quantum Pulse Audio

If Mark can raise the money within the next 30 days, he can begin testing.  IF, all is good with these, he’s going to license them, and come back to and create a NEW campaign to create the new business of quality audio equipment that will include several phases.

  • Phase 1 will consists of the previously mentioned Studio Microphones.
  • Phase 2 will consist of Studio Monitoring Headphones.
  • Phases 3 and 4 will eventually consist of Audio Mixers (USB)

Here’s what Mark has to say:

So, please, calling all network members, fans, and listeners – head over to and help out – OR – copy and paste the link to your social media pages to help out by sharing it with your friends and family:

Thanks, Everyone!
-TBN People.