“I’ve been apart of the Tangent Bound Network for more than a couple of years now and not a day goes by that I think to myself how lucky I am to be on such a great network. You will never find a better network to join than this one. Everyone works together whether it be through shout outs or retweets or even guest appearances on other shows in the network.

Essentially, everyone who joins feels welcomed. Mark is a great help in that he’ll assist you with anything; whether it’s something simple like making a social media site or something bigger like making a professional website. Nothing is asked for in return, but because of how great and helpful Mark and his network has been to you, you can’t help but feel obligated to give back!

For me, signing up was the simplest process. No waiting from Mark to see if you’re “good enough” for the network, but rather just giving you details on how to get started with the network. In the end it was a great idea to join the Tangent-Bound Network, and I highly recommend you joining and/or listening to the shows on it!”
-Dustin Pfaender (The (late) Roundabout Podcast and Millennia-The Podcast)

“We at the History of Bad Ideas Podcast love the being part of the Tangent-Bound Network and appreciate everything Mark does for the podcasts on the network. Any question, help or request you may have is quickly answered by Mark.

The History of Bad Ideas Podcast would not have grown as much as it has without the Tangent-Bound Network or Mark’s help and we really appreciate it! The Tangent-Bound Network is not a typical network “directory” site…it’s a network of podcasters that really help each other with whatever questions you may have and is a great reference for cross-promotion and interviews. Mark is dedicated to the network and it shows in his work on the site.”
-Jason Brigger The History of Bad Ideas Podcast

The Tangent-Bound Network has allowed my show to grow beyond my wildest dreams. Being a part of this site has allowed me to fall in love with and fully explore my passion for podcasting, broadcast, and radio. Of course, The Tangent-Bound Network IS Mark Bogner, and vice versa. He is the hardest working guy in this business, and an amazing mentor. I owe him my career, and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing Network.
-Matt Bailey, Talk For Two

What can I say about the Tangent-Bound Network? My digital home away from home! Without the TBN, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Mark added me onto the network as the first of many to come and I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve received. From 8-bit Packiecast to Delayed Effect to Down the Bunny Hole (A joint effort with the BLodPods Network), I am 100% sure that I am happy to have a home at the Tangent-Bound Network.
-Packie, The 8Bit Packiecast, Delayed Effect, Down The Bunnyhole

The Tangent-Bound Network is the best place to be to catch all your geek and gaming news and podcasts from all in one place!
-Adam Campbell, Marshall Dice (Dice Squad)