Code Of Conduct and Network Guidelines

Code of Conduct and Guidelines of the Tangent-Bound Network:

Thinking about joining the Tangent-Bound Network? Here’s what you need to know about who we are and what we’re about. The Tangent-Bound Network is one of the fastest growing indie podcast networks, and a place for podcasts to come to as a resource to get their show started, maintain their existing show, and help each other grow through cross-promotion of show to show, show to network, and lastly – network to shows.


Tangent-Bound Network Code of Conduct

We reserve the right to remove or decline any show found in violation of the code of our conduct.

  1. The Tangent-Bound Network is NOT a free promotional, self-serving hub; we work together as a network of friends, families, and podcasts.
  2. The Tangent-Bound Network is NOT a place for shows promoting explicit content involving harm to or exploitation of minors, or animalsto do so would violate our standards and would result in dismissal from the network.
  3. The views and expressions of any and all shows on this network are solely those show hosts.

Tangent-Bound Network Guidelines

The Tangent-Bound Network is home to several great indie podcasts with several channels from which to choose. We have something for everyone – from all over the world. We have everything from Horror to Geek and Nerdery – to Sports and Music, and a great selection of “Everything Else”.

  1. As a member of the Tangent-Bound Network, cross-promotion of shows in your category/channel is encouraged and welcomed. Cross-promotion is one of the biggest ways that we, as a network, get recognized by others. This, in turn, helps the shows on the network get more exposure – as well as helping them grow.
  2. We have several 30-60 second audio spot (bumper), advertising the network; we encourage and welcome you to play it on your show to help with cross-promotion. In turn, we’d be happy to play an audio spot from your show on our flagship show, the Tangent-Bound Podcast.
  3. We have a repository for all bumpers from your favorite shows on the network to play on your show. Give us a bumper, we’ll add it to the site’s repository for others to use.
  4. The Tangent-Bound Network is a place for new shows to get started. We offer up:
  1. A Facebook Fanpage for your show (if needed)
  2. A Twitter account for your show (if needed)
  3. Help with setting your show up on iTunes and Stitcher Radio
  4. An email address at (if needed)
  5. One on One Tutorials – offering up tips and tricks to editing and equipment
  6. We’ll even add you to our mobile friendly player so listeners can always find your latest episode when you post it!

The only thing we ask for in return, is that you produce regular content. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, we ask that you stay consistent with your show(s).

If you agree with our Code of Conduct and Guidelines, we’d love to have you on the network. Please contact Mark or click here and he’ll help you get started!