Welcome To The New Digs!

We seem to have had ourselves, yet another, hack attack.  We would like to ask you to stick with us as we continue to get this site up and running to it’s full potential.

Things, still to come for the site:

  • Easier Sign Up for network members
  • Better Channels pages
  • Better Show Pages, with embedded players and past episode catalogs.
  • New Repository for the network members.

We’ve added new security features to help mitigate future attacks on our site, in hopes of not having to re do the site…. again – unless we actually want to.  Which, we don’t.  It’s a pain in the butt.

We’re also going to keep an ongoing blog/news section that will be sure to capture your attentions.  This includes, movie reviews, convention reviews, upcoming events, featured shows, and more.

Lastly, we’re going to be introducing some new changes to the network structure, changes to our terms of service, as well as changes to our code of conduct.  But, keep in mind that these changes will be for the better of the network as well as protecting it’s members.

Feel free to subscribe to our blog/news section to keep up-to-date with the network happenings!

As always, our proverbial door is always open – and if you have ANY questions, comments, concerns, or even ideas to make the network stand out from the rest, we will ALWAYS listen.  Simply fill out the feedback form, or email Mark, directly.

Thanks for being patient with us in this difficult time.  We appreciate you, your show, and we value your memberships, as well as your opinions.

-Mark Bogner
Network Manager.