The Studio – An Inside Look

Something Fun Is Happening!

*IF* you’ve been following us on Facebook, then, you know that we’ve been gearing up for some cool projects. I’ve been posting pics of progress on how the studio is coming. BUT, if you haven’t been following us on there, then this is your chance to catch up.

As a bit of a refresher, we started off in this old school building that’s being renovated into an arts and culture center in Grafton, Ohio.  This school was built in the 1930’s and closed in 2005, where it sat dormant for a little over 10 years, when it was purchased with the intent to turn it into an arts and culture center.  Pretty bad-ass, if you ask me.

Having said that, we (Tangent-Bound Media Network) found it’s new home.  We inherited a really cool old classroom that we get to call ours – and we get to start creating some pretty cool stuff.  This is where the magic is going to be happening for the foreseeable future.

It started off as a classroom filled with a lot of….. stuff.  Apparently, it was stuff that was still needed.  So we picked up all that…… stuff and moved it to other locations in order to start making room for what was about to become our home.  As you can see, in the pictures, it’s a good sized location. Some place that’s going to be comfortable for the time being.  A place where we can be truly productive.

We have some huge plans for this place.

Interestingly enough, some of those plans are about to happen tomorrow.  We’re going to start filming a couple of commercials and some scenes for an upcoming project that will be announced later this year – and kicstarted.  I feel like this might be a little something that gets us going and headed in the direction we want to be.

While that’s happening, we’re also going to be shooting a music video for a local, popular music group in the area – at the school. When we truly get going, I’m hoping to take all of you with us on this journey.  We can’t wait to show you the things we have in store.